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Enjoying – The Properties of Water – YouTube | Facebook | Amazon | Wikipedia | Ted Talks & more

Quality Life-style vs. Life-span

“The properties of Water” …  You need it to live !

+Plus,  it’s Super cool to have around when you get thirsty from all the running around, hiking, surfing, playing in waterfalls, swimming, boating, rafting, playing-(stomping) in mud puddles after a good rain; beach excursions, wakeboarding, paddle-boarding, fishing, scuba diving, snorkeling, drinking, breathing; take your pick.

Even a simple physical workout while traveling.
Did anyone forget personal hygiene after all that ? … (lol)
Water, it’s good for that too, possibly with some soap .. at least bubbles. -(lol)

Clean water can be a scarcity as many experienced globetrotting globe trekkers, wanderlust souls, explorers and world travelers have encountered.
“You’re Not Sick – You’re Thirsty” – “The Thirst is real” !

– Now for some Fun, Motivation, Education, Inspiration, Perspiration, Relaxation & Get Paid for Participation. Ready, Set, Go !

SunsetBrian Founder Lifetime Care Group - We welcome connections from those actively seeking team work & looking 4 global endeavors - projects globally connect with him. Adventures await you. Beautiful shot from bow of boat viewing into sunrise off south western coast of north America and Mexico. You should be here with a little blue sign; a passport to a new life, friends, business partners and careers.

 It’s Here – You Found It

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We have included even more personal empowerment tools like; Ted Talks, Podcasts; from notable authors, doctors, business experts and others, such as:

  • Tim Ferriss – Podcast, 4 Hour Work Week, Tribe of Mentors

  • Tony Robbins – Anthony Robbins UPW, Business Mastery, Date With Destiny

  • Robert Kiyosaki – Rich Dad Poor Dad

  • Oprah Winfrey – Oprah

  • Aimee Mullins – Cheetah Woman

  • Gary Vaynerchuck – Vaynermedia -Vaynersports – AskGaryVee Show

  • Dr. Oz – The Dr. Oz Show

  • Dan Buettner – Blue Zones – National Geographic

  • Dan Pallotta – Fund Raising – “Uncharitable” – Book

  • Dr. Batmanghelidj – Water Cure

… and others you may or may not know of; yet.


New helpful online reference & educational links to “Ted Talks for Parents”, “Ted Talks for Kids”.

+ Hard to find health & wellness resources.

Motivational, Inspirational & Educational books & videos for all ages & (stages). Amazon books, kindle versions (easy for traveling), recommended reading lists, National Geographic articles and more.
With links to Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Wikipedia, Amazon, and many other trustworthy browsing resources. Fake news? “Learn to Learn” the difference in your educational materials and story-telling vs. advertising.

Increase your own personal social economic wealth simply by “living your life all out” with today’s available resources. “The Sharing Economy” is a real deal. Learn from some experts on all this and more. Personal development & mindset advancement tools from top leadership minds.

Are you ready to experience more Fun, Freedom & Fulfillment.

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Learn how to live a life that many only dream of…
…Why not you ?

We are involved in many industry sectors around the world and are always looking to embrace new team members, partners, leadership mindsets & others whom are ready for something bigger & rewarding.

Many in this lifetime have overcome great obstacles to learn to live their dreams.

Are you ready..?

… Let’s grow !

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