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If we are going to wring the most out of this lifetime and all it has to offer we are going to need to do our best to stay in a “Peak State”.

According to world renown Tony Robbins; In order to master your emotions, and to get into what Tony refers to as “peak state”, you need to master the 3 forces that affect your emotions.

“The Emotional Triad” = (your physiology, your language & your focus).

We included the video above that links to some of Tony’s videos on How to “Change your State” and other related videos from him. Above is a specific playlist link on YouTube with 4 videos from him on “State Change & Peak State”.

Are you doing some basics to stay in peak state?
Do you know how to change your state at any given moment?

Sure we are all human. We have highs & lows as part of the natural emotional state. Kind of like the ebb & flow of the ocean tides; seasons of Mother Nature.
Energy is in constantly in flux; through wind, water, air, and the forces typically naked to the eye.

Are you a spiritual person?

Our belief systems shape our reality as much as our decisions and actions.

Physicality & Chemistry:

Success; much like life, leaves clues.

What part of the earths surface is covered by water? (Answer)
What percentage of the human body is composed of water? (Answer)

There are many basic key ingredients in life that bring you energy consistently or sporadically. Would you rather be on a roller coaster or consistently 100%.

Drinking water is still one of the most dynamic nutrients our body responds to immediately to aid in changing our state.

We have a great article here on the site that furthers a deeper understanding of  “The Properties Of Water” from a study done by Dr. Batmanghelidj.

What if water was more magical than you originally thought or experienced.. check out more information on this here. ->

Who has heard of Dr. Oz ?

Here is a quick segment from the Dr. Oz TV show from March of 2017.

Tony Robbins works with the audience for a few minutes sharing some great insights you may be able to utilize right now in your life. Or, maybe you are already using similar techniques.

There are a total of 5 videos in our playlist on YouTube you can open in a new tab and review again at a later date.

There can be an overwhelming amount of information available &/or bombarding us at any given moment in today’s “always on” state.

24/7/365 was one thing; but, now it seems to be extreme in many forms that permeates what should be our “re-charging” dormancy states.


Today’s society is much different & diverse than at any time before in our social evolutionary technological history. The affects of this are evident in our health, productivity, communications, patience, ability to focus & multi-task effectively.

Birds and animal migratory patterns are showing clear signs of steering of course and deviations due to an increase in frequencies and interference.


Seems nowadays we’ve all heard about the latest “diet” or nutritional trend.

How about a tech-no diet. That equates to “No Tech” Diet.  Many regions of the world are now creating travel destinations & wellness retreats that eliminate technological devices, WiFi, wireless frequencies, light emitting frequencies and other forms of unnatural interference.


Our society seems to be equally hooked on caffeine; natural and unnatural sources. The acidity in our daily coffee is changing our bio-chemical state. Many are unaware of this ongoing affect on their state and tissue.

“An overly acidic body chemistry can lead to inflammations and other complications.”

(Caffeine is a central nervous system stimulant of the methylxanthine class. It is the world’s most widely consumed psychoactive drug)


Hey, I love my coffee & caffeine; and equally well aware of the many benefits that coffee can have for other aspects of our health; once again a word of caution and hesitation to our habits, over-consumption tendencies and sources of acidity & caffeine intake.


We will share with you here; links to resources on innovative health, wellness, nutrition, lifestyle products/services and travel destinations one can utilize to re-vitalize, re-invigorate or stave off life’s stressors; whether natural, circumstantial or unnatural man-made sources.

1–  Food for thought for -> the Future:

 — in our generational  lifetime will we see advances where our entire food source chain will be essentially GMO ?

… Or, even in space exploration.

At some point in the human evolutionary process we will over-populate earth in a disproportionate way contrary to available natural resources … just a thought.

Maybe at some point the whole, what is; “unhealthy” vs. “healthy” GMO may become a discussion.
For now we’ll just have to keep trusting the labeling or lack thereof.

*(FYI, genetic engineering has been around since aprx. 12,000 BCE)


Are you ready to Feel Great again ?

Would you like to slow down and live a more consistent at-ease life?

Would you like to maintain a form of “relaxed intensity” to live life and wring the most out of each moment?


  • More calm, clarity & focus ?
    (less fog = more focus)

  • Sustainable Daily Energy without Highs/Lows ?

The marketplace is innovating just these things ….

.. the phone is no longer bolted to the wall ….

… you don’t have to “wait in line” in slow-serve drive-thrus for your fix.


Drop us a note; say hi, connect.

There is a whole group of us out here helping each other. Keep focusing on your personal development and becoming a new improved version of you.
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Feel Great – Live Your Dream

Here are more resources to learn about innovative technological advances and other time tested;  tried & true basics, that seem to have been forgotten in the fray of our “over-information” – society of distractions … look-> squirrel.

Links here:




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