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Get Paid !

Face it – we live in a social economic world and we all must pay our dues one way or another.

Ever heard the phrase; “… many of us are just exchanging our time for money…”

Get Paid Time of Your life Learn Income Strategies Build Wealth Earn Money Benefit Dinner Event VIP Partners 1280x

Get Paid ! Time of Your life. Learn Income Strategies Build Wealth Earn Money VIP Dinner Event

So, what is a lifetime worth ?
What is your life worth ?

Hourly, minimum wage, salary employee, self employed, fee for service, barter, volunteer, start-up pioneer, investor, trader ?
So many ways to get paid in today’s economy.

Special 2018 Opportunities
Notice & Casting Call for students.

All of the Millennials out there can hit us up on social media with DM’s etc.

Take advantage of the immediate opportunities for those between the ages of 18-25 enrolled in the college campus & university lifestyle. We have some exciting brand promotion & lifestyle promotion placements with perks, vip swag and potential travel hook ups.

Must have good social media skills, enjoy interacting with others in fun venue atmospheres and enjoy the outdoors.

Gary Vaynerchuck of the Gary “Vee” (ShoOhhhw) <- sounds like (lol).

GaryVee’s Fame and the many notable achievements is part of his overall hallmark success stories. Gary is always taking time to give back to so many.

Here is one of his videos taking some time out to collab & share with some of those just prepping themselves for the world out there in “Job” force land.

We have multiple playlists on YouTube that are relevant to many who need to hear some of his experience and wisdom from the trenches… enjoy

Work Smart & Hard … align with success mindsets

Are you working 80+ hours per week with no time to enjoy the fruits of your labor. Many others are on the verge of homeless & hungry.

Have you defined your life by understanding what your full earning $ potential $ is and what that will actually cost$ you?

– – –

Are you stuck earning 15$ per hour ?
Are you capped earning $45k per year ?
Are you “Burn’t out” with the 100hr work week grind for someone else’s dreams?

Do you want to walk away from your 9-5 job?
Are you limited by only being able to work 20 hours per week?
Is spending more time with your family or kids important?

Is your projected income earning years limited to 5 years left ?
Are you physically challenged that limits your mobility?
Is doing something rewarding more valuable than the paycheck?

Are you Stuck ?

Many are stuck in dead end jobs. Many working 2-3+ jobs just to make ends meet.

So, how do we change our income – outcome?
How does one re-train into a different job field?
How does one change industries ?
Are you still paying of school debt?
Are you challenged with family struggles; elderly parents or young children?

Sticky Logix… get Unstuck

There are answers to all of these questions. There are ways to still follow your dreams, or even land your dream job. There are many in the world that have experienced a similar path in life and learned how to be part of their own positive change.

So many options out there; these are no small undertakings. Understandably, many are overwhelmed and on the verge of a breakdown. How about a complete mid-life crisis and career path change?

There are solutions, answers and help to those that want to embrace change. 

Decision making skills learn to be likeable solve problems sunsetbrian facebook meme_524x

Sure, life is about choices, consequences and sacrifices.

Many say time is money… actually time is priceless; you can not buy it back.
When your time is up put down your pencils.. the test is over.

1. Start by aligning with others that may aid with guidance and mentoring on the process.

What if you do not have access to such persons or team ?
… Oh, but you do.

Patience, Hard Work – Time -Transformation

How much patience do you have to commit to the undertaking ?
Start the process, go-grow through it & realize your desired outcome?

Puhhleeze – Do not confuse “patience” for – “Non-Action”.
Patience does not mean sit and wait for divine intervention; though it will come.
Patience, simply is you know you’re going to have to “deal during the duration”.  To put in required action steps over a known period; “knowing in advance” to stay the course for an outcome.
— Like running a marathon. Lace Up; Set a Path & Pace.

Use the caterpillar to-> butterfly time frame mindset.. how long does that take ?

Caterpillar ButterFly FacbookOrganic growth Philosophy positivity post

How about — how long does it take for a woman to go through an average child birth process…9 1/2 months. Are there growing pains ?

Some things in life just have a natural process.

Are you ready to start the transition into a more dynamic rewarding life ?

Start by taking some basic notes.
What are you passionate about?
Are you currently lacking any real passion or direction ?

Reach-out, drop a quick note and say hi. Maybe we; “The Sunset Team” can hook you up so to speak. Life requires action .. act, “Just Do It” – add swoosh here.

Go Geters Get Paid freedom jobs sunsetbrian meme facebook511x

Many have led the way before us; a wealth of knowledge is available.
Start building more relationships.

Who got you your first job? (friend, uncle, relative, sister, brother, parent)

They say its not always what you know;
but, who you know…could be helpful.
…leverage your relationships and learn to build more.

It’s in the “Knowing”…
(Who & What equally)

We look forward to hearing from you to see what magic can be created together.

Quick Pocket $ or Strong Long Term Income$ ?

How about other ways to Get Paid ?

Today’s economy is not a bad one; it is just a different one.

With up-sizing, down-sizing, no-sizing and complete industry market changes; one can become bewildered real quick when life stares them down into making decisions they can bank on for themselves and their families.

Many refer to today’s economy as the “shared economy

shared economy workers avergae monthly income infographic fortune magazine 800x

i.e. (Uber, AirBnB, Skype, Netflix, Alibaba, Lyft, referral network marketing, etc.)

Many enjoy the gained freedoms from these types of income earning; residual income money building opportunities.


Social media is a popular industry for those with skills.

  • How about Becoming a Brand Promoter or marketing liaison?

  • Do you have a passion for YouTube, vlogging or blogging ?

  • Do you like to travel ?

  • Do you like to help others?

  • Do you have a special skill, knack or ability?

Encouragement – Let’s initiate Change

We would like to fully encourage you to take – “make” a moment to rest assured and know that others have been down the crossroads in life and discovered a more sane successful way to build the freedom this lifetime can offer; let’s learn to give ourselves a moment to explore the possibilities.

You got this…


Opportunities are available for the single parents,  stay at home moms & stay at home dads. 

-> Calling all  “Mompreneurs” & “Dadpreneurs” & GrandParent-Preneurs .. it’s time. <-

Today’s dynamic economy breeds the ability for so many to take advantage of using basic resources to earn income from just about anywhere in the world now from a simple laptop, cell phone or tablet; mobile device  “tech-knowledgy”. Mobile Income Diversity.

You are never too old to upgrade your life;
… re-boot your lifestyle.


Drop us a note; say hi, connect.

There is a whole group of us out here helping each other. Keep focusing on your personal development and becoming a new improved version of you.
Use the many readily available resources here:

 Our main contact page has links to all of our social media outlets.  

Make Your Move – Live Your Dream

While reaching out to us and awaiting a response take a look at some of our other suggestions & resources.

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+ start by going back and watching the ones on this page..


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