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Much goes into “becoming“..

From crawling, to walking, to driving, to flying; & beyond.

From our first breath coming out of the womb to the ongoing struggle with gravity.
The affects of sunlight radiation on our skin took aprx 8.5 minutes to reach us.

Are we living in the past ?

time for sunlight to reach earth – ( light speed time travel for another discussion)

What “thing” do you “Think” would change your life if you needed, desired or required such ?

Knowledge, Money, Power, Superhero Powers, Beliefs, Massive Action ?

What if your questions asked brought you the “Things” needed to propel you to the next level in your life; solve a persistent problem, break through a personal barrier, accelerate you business career, open a new door – ?


This is all part of Mindset Empowerment & Learning.

Learn to ask the right questions and access knowledge that may not be in a current form we are accustom to; yet.
i.e. (Podcasts, YouTube-video, books, seminars, story-telling).


Where does insight &/or knowledge come from ?

…  prior to being shared, decimated or published ?
Is there a source ?

While one ponders those questions above, lets access what is readily available now more than ever. The exponential ever expanding knowledge being shared in books, podcasts, YouTube-videos, Ted Talks, Conferences, story-telling. Where your focus goes energy flows. Learn to focus… dial into the channel frequency that may contain the message stream you are seeking.

Evolutionary process of access to information has significantly changed from the days of passing scrolls, translating hieroglyphics and even having access to such social sharing. Wow.. how social media sharing has taken on a new definition. Hieroglyphics was a great stepping stone for emojis and info-graphics. (lol)

The struggle is real..

Whether we’re aware of the forces unseen, such as; gravity, magnetic fields or life’s pop-up challenges at any given moment in this journey.

We all learn at our own individual pace. Some processing faster or slower than the next.

Some seek after knowledge consciously & deliberately always yearning for more.
While others journey along at a less aggressive learning engagement.

A key skill in life for many has been the fundamental underlying ability of “learning how to learn”.

Sure many learn stuff, get degrees, “master or major” in a thing or two; but the true ability in life to learn and understand the process of learning can exponentially propel you to new heights at faster rates of success when utilizing the proper mindset ingredients.

There are many ways to teach yourself how to learn; not just learn a specific language, skill or discipline but the actual learning fundamentals that accelerates what ever you choose to learn.


Application of knowledge through “hands on” real world action hones in that subject matter with greater focus and neural feedback vs. (neurofeedback); not just a textbook knowledge of theoretical application.

Like “reading” about driving a car in icy conditions vs actually doing so.

Experience does matter..

… But, so does passion, motivation, “drive” – “Why” we set out to learn or engage in a specific undertaking.

i.e. (Career Choices, Relationship choices, Having a Dream Job)

It is always encouraged to keep your learning alive by reading relevant books, watching relevant videos, attending conferences and courses beyond the university levels. Exposing yourself to other individuals and social environments to engage and listen.

  • Learn to ask questions.

  • The power is in the question.

Challenge your own self awareness & ability to comprehend to a deeper understanding of those things you share this lifetime with.

Here are some resources that you may find valuable along the way.


Drop us a note; say hi, connect.

There is a whole group of us out here helping each other. Keep focusing on your personal development and becoming a new improved version of you.

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