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Stuff To See & Read – (Books & Videos)

Feed Your Mind

We put together some great online resources for all ages.
There is something of great value here for everyone.

Books, Podcasts and Videos covering a wide range of topics, subject matter by notable professional seasoned sources.

The lists of books & Video subject matter are encompassing at a variety of Knowledge base levels: i.e.; Life stages, Career Phases & Business Topics along with Health Wellness & Fitness Mindset.

Leadership, Mentor-ship, Mindset,Empowerment, Health, Wellness, Business, Marketing, Personal Development, Career Development, Ted Talks, Conferences, Motivational, Inspirational, Social Media Marketing, Brand Promotion, Fitness, Lifestyle, Childhood Development, Entrepreneurial, Personal Growth, Coaching, Parenting: All delivered in a fun, entertaining or engaging manner.

All books & videos sorted into categories for a more refined; distilled ease of access.

Many items can be in multiple categories due to nature of content (health, wellness, motivation, leadership, Ted Talks, Ted Talks for Kids, empowerment, personal development, etc.)

Yes, reading real paperback & hardcover books is still a thing.
“I do love my Amazon Kindle when traveling though”.

“Outliers” – great book. “Get Your Shit together” was actually sitting right on the bookshelf next to it… ohh the language these days.
F’n great books. (lol) Enjoy.

Sunset walks into a bookstore….
…with snapchat spectacles on checking out a couple books first hand.
Stay fit; in mind, body & spirit.

Drop a note; say hi, connect.

We’d love to hear your thoughts on books you are reading or read and videos you may want to share.

 Our main contact page has links to all of our social media outlets.  

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