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The Properties of Water | Food Hunger Signs To Eat

By on Mar 1, 2018 in Educational, Health Nutrition |

Drinking water is still one of the most dynamic nutrients our body responds to immediately to aid in changing our state. What part of the earths surface is covered by water? (Answer) What percentage of the human body is composed of water? (Answer) There are many basic key ingredients in life that bring you energy consistently or sporadically. Would you rather be on...

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Videos YouTube – Motivational – Health – Leadership – Ted Talks

By on Feb 25, 2018 in Business, Children Learning, Economics, Educational, Empowerment Mindset, Health Nutrition, How To, Leadership, Media Marketing, Motivational, Philanthropy, Podcast, Ted Talks, Ted Talks For Kids, Travel |

Videos on YouTube Playlists compiled over the years. All videos are from world class advisors, mentors or proficient professionals with years of experience on the subject matter they present in their videos. Great educational sources on many things they simply do not teach in basic school years or even advanced schooling years. These are all experts with tried and...

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