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By on Feb 25, 2018 in Business, Children Learning, Economics, Educational, Empowerment Mindset, Health Nutrition, How To, Leadership, Media Marketing, Motivational, Philanthropy, Podcast, Ted Talks, Ted Talks For Kids, Travel |

Videos on YouTube Playlists compiled over the years. All videos are from world class advisors, mentors or proficient professionals with years of experience on the subject matter they present in their videos. Great educational sources on many things they simply do not teach in basic school years or even advanced schooling years. These are all experts with tried and...

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Life By Design – Journey of a Lifetime

Life By Design – Journey of a Lifetime

By on Jul 22, 2015 in How To, Leadership, TimeLapse |

Many things in life are based upon one’s perspective.. …Just as in this image with the Monumental Golden Gate Bridge To grasp the sheer magnitude of this Golden Gate Bridge¬† in nature one must get closer; the winds, the sway, the engineering feat; one must be in it’s presence to “feel” it.   Take a look at this amazing time lapse...

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