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Drinking water is still one of the most dynamic nutrients our body responds to immediately to aid in changing our state.

What part of the earths surface is covered by water? (Answer)
What percentage of the human body is composed of water? (Answer)

There are many basic key ingredients in life that bring you energy consistently or sporadically. Would you rather be on a roller coaster or consistently 100%.

We welcome you to explore some of the basics we put forth; from simple human body hydration with clean water sources to mindset awareness of nutritional needs vs flux in emotional states.

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Even bottled water these days has been stripped of any nutritional value that is typically found in water. Our body does not need all the contaminates that is growing in water supplies; but we do need more than just filtered or “RO” bottled water.

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So much water has been stripped of basic minerals, i.e. calcium; as such, the increased rate of GERD and other simple side affects from insufficient hydration & electrolyte deficiencies.

So people are turning to taking large amounts of antacids. What does many ant-acids have ? Answer= (calcium) i.e. “Tums brand”. Some even have nasty stuff like aluminum & more; leading to other potential side-effects or problems.

Heck, many have a complete misconception or lack of knowledge on water consumption in accordance with eating (during) a proper meal; allowing for nutrient absorption; given you are even eating a close proximity to a natural nutrient based meal.

Die-t – (Water Diet) ? .. What

We refrain from using the word “diet” when possible as anything with the word “die”(die-t) in it is no way to think of “re-invigorating” a new lifestyle or healthy eating change.

“Meal Plans” are becoming more popular in the “speak on the street”; when it comes to eating consistent & regular with greater nutrition and ease.
Focused meal prep, portion control and time efficiency are just a few additional benefits. I love cooking up a huge lasagna or Italian meal with all the fixings then doing the freezer “pack n stash” for future meals (write the dates on packs). Just grab n’ go. All the proteins, carbs, calories, veggies +some super amino touches and voila’.

“Eat or Drink ? — Scientific evidence points to the same signal that tells us we’re hungry is the same signal the body sends you to tell you you’re thirsty. We’ll that’s real handy…if we can pay attention long enough to tell the difference.

Seriously; you may be thirsty. Try it sometime. This is why people make meal plans, food diaries, eating routines & schedules so they are somewhat aware of when & what to eat. Maybe we need an mobile/desktop app timer for “Drink some water”.

Here’s an innovative idea. Excellent book – Excellent article in (link)-> “Fitness Magazine” on “Intuitive Eating”. How, “not dieting”, could be the key to weight-loss and losing weight without putting it back on. “Women, Food, and God” by Geneen Roth is a great book. You can find it over on my book list.

Does any one recognize the word “histamine” ?

Has anyone ever gone to the store or been told by someone to take an anti-histamine?

What if the real solution is to cure dehydration by drinking water to re-balance the histamine signals in our body… a simple, clean, clear solution to the many elusive ailments that masquerade behind the effects of dehydration and the role of balance histamine in our bodies.

Yes, water could be the simplest answer.
Are we so busy that we have forgotten to drink a couple glasses of water?

Could The Properties of Water contain cures… ?

Here are a few links to articles to further understanding the link between dehydration & the body’s use of histamine and it’s signals to the body. Dehydration can masquerade as a food allergies, hives, colitis, IBS, respiratory ailments and many other symptoms.

One substantial study done was by Doctor Batmanghelidj on the properties of water’s ability to cure illness.. or, is it simply not a miracle cure at all; but, a simple vital necessity for our body and we have simply forgotten to listen to the signs.

– – –

1. You’re not Sick – You’re thirsty – website Dr. F. Batmanghelidj
2. Alison Vickery – Holistic Health Coach
3. Denise Hill – LifeHack Article

– – –

I was first introduced to “Dr. Batman”; as Tony Robbins likes to refer to him; at one of Tony’s events many years ago. His actual name is Dr. Batmanghelidj.

There are many videos out there on Dr. Batmanghelidj; but many are very old & poorly done given his historic background; though the body of work he did on water and illness is still rarely heard of.

Below is a quick video that references his notable work and studies from his website in a summary review narration video by a Certified Naturopath. You can visit her main YouTube Channel here.

(Many other parts of the world; especially the UK, have a greater research distribution on dehydration and histamine than US sources.)

Below are just a handful of some great books including “Dr. Batman’s”.

You can visit our main Book Reading list page that has links on many other subject matters as well. (Our Master category book page here.)

Feel Great – Health Wellness Nutrition Books (Full List Here)

Quantum Healing Deepak Chopra Book The Acid Akaline Food Guide Doctor Susan Brown Book Water Cures Drugs Kill How Water Cured Dr. Batmanghelidj Book You're Not Sick You're Thirsty Water For Health For Healing Dr. Batmanghelidj Book Women Food and God An Unexpected Path to Almost Everything Geneen Roth paperback sunsetbrian

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