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Videos on YouTube Playlists compiled over the years.

All videos are from world class advisors, mentors or proficient professionals with years of experience on the subject matter they present in their videos.

Great educational sources on many things they simply do not teach in basic school years or even advanced schooling years. These are all experts with tried and true knowledge. YouTube video distribution has propelled the information age along with entertainment & learning right to our fingertips.

Below are links to specific play list along with a direct link to SunsetBrian’s YouTube Channel.

There are literally hundreds of hours of online video material to help you in your journey; wherever and whatever path you are traveling down.

Make sure to consistently apply the knowledge being learned in your own life from the valuable information & messages being delivered. Like riding a bike; it is in the practicing that builds exceptional skill.

Here are the links.

Simply Tap/Click on the colored or black “YouTube Videos” below to open new window with that specific video playlist.

People of Notable Expertise,  Influence, Unique Life Paths:

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